New Art Space

Hexad aims to be as open to the artistic community as possible. Its gallery space, both online and in pop-up exhibits, will be welcoming and unpretentious. Providing an accessible space in which to see, buy, and sell art will encourage art lovers to support new talent, and in this way will effect change in the current art market.

Artist Support

Hexad represents artists from an array of communities, as well as up-and-coming artists who need support to be able to focus on their art without worry. Hexad hopes to help reform the art world by providing the necessary space to showcase promising artists’ work.

Customer Experience

Hexad wishes to engage art buyers not only in appreciation of artwork, but in critical thought about the art world. On its blog, Hexad will post about issues affecting artists in order to spark discussion. Hexad will also make it easier for a wide range of people to collect art, pricing its artwork at a fair but affordable price.

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